The Immigrant Archive Project’s mission is to record, archive and share the stories of immigrants in the United States in order to help us understand the immigrant experience and its vital contribution to American society.

Our growing archive will ensure that the faces and voices of immigrants are seen and heard, not only collectively, but individually, and in so doing, will teach us to connect with immigrants on fundamentally human and moral terms.

The Immigrant Archive Project is an independently funded 501 (c) (3) organization.


The Immigrant Archive Project is a national initiative dedicated to preserving the life stories of America’s vast multi-cultural immigrant community. These visual history testimonies illustrate the struggles, dreams and accomplishments of immigrants so that future generations may learn from their collective experience.

Since its launch in 2008, Immigrant Archive Project (IAP) teams led by co-founders, Tony Hernandez and Gustavo Pombo have documented the stories of over 1,000 immigrants from countries around the world. These are real stories of men, women and children who have sacrificed to become American by choice.

As immigrants themselves, Tony and Gustavo are well aware of the contributions made and challenges faced by immigrants in America. In 2008, they saw the need to humanize the polarized issue of immigration through sharing stories that open hearts and minds.

As business partners for over 20 years and experienced radio and television executives, they had the skills and resources to bring the power of these stories to the public. At first, they recorded the stories of friends and family members and eventually began a nation-wide effort to document stories.

They have had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of immigrants from all walks of life and find a common thread among the immigrants who share their stories. Regardless of where they are born, the great majority are hardworking people with a burning desire to succeed and provide for their families. They truly embody the American spirit, and collectively, theirs is the quintessential American story.

The content of the immigrant stories is shared via television, radio, the IAP website, and a variety of social media tools. IAP developed a podcast and created a network radio segment that aired on stations across the country. Through Univision, content from IAP videos has been broadcast on many of the leading television programs in the U.S. Hispanic market. The growing archive is also utilized by educators from grade school to University. A number of IAP stories are housed at the Cuban Heritage Collection at the University of Miami.

In 2017, the social and political environment motivated the IAP founders to move forward at an accelerated pace to increase the number of video testimonies in the oral history project and to expand outreach through social media, television and radio. The Immigrant Archive Project received its federal non-profit classification in March 2017 and is now accepting donations to support its work.



Tony Hernandez
Tony Hernandez is co-founder, President and CEO of Latino Broadcasting Company (LBC), a leading multimedia content provider specializing in Latino targeted programming. LBC radio programs air on over 200 radio stations in the U.S., while LBC television programs are carried by Univision, the leading Spanish language television network in the country.

Prior to co-founding LBC in 1996, Tony was Vice President and General Manager of ESPN Latin America, where he oversaw the cable network’s operation in the region. Prior to joining ESPN, Tony was Sales Manager at CBS Radio Networks.

He is a recipient of the National Hispanic Media Coalition’s “Indomitable Spirit Award,” the Lexus Pursuit of Perfection Award, as well as the Church World Service “John Backer Award” for outstanding advocacy on behalf of immigrants and refugees. Tony is a 1984 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

Gustavo Pombo
Gustavo Pombo is co-founder, Executive Vice President and COO of Latino Broadcasting Company (LBC), a certified minority owned and operated radio and television syndication company based in Miami, Florida. LBC produces, distributes and markets nationally syndicated radio, television and web programming.

Gustavo is a 32-year veteran of Spanish language media in the US and Latin America. He has extensive production and operations experience and has produced numerous “live” sporting events,
including the Tour de France, the 1994 World Cup, Major League Baseball, the NBA, NFL, and Latin American soccer.

Prior to joining LBC, Gustavo started and co-owned Dattis Comunicaciones, the largest public relations company in Colombia. He earned a Masters degree in Public Administration from Harvard
University; a degree in Business Administration from Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia; and a Radio Management degree from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC.)